Fairfield by Marriott, 
825 Hwy 138 West, Stockbridge, GA

Pageant Time and Registration 
Enter online and pay with Paypal or major credit card at www.crowntownga.com 
Must enter online and pay dep to secure spot, only 10 contestants per age division.

Age Divisions 
0-11mth 1yr 2yr 3- 4yrs 5-6yrs 7-9yrs  

Attire & Rules
Beauty attire is Sunday best, flower type dress, or fancy pageant wear (semi glitz is fine). This event is more natural so we prefer no makeup on girls under 6 and light age appropriate makeup on all older girls. Please remember less is more! 

Queens will receive beautiful Fairy crowns, Custom Fairy sash, and gifts. 
All alternates will receive beautiful gifts and a Fairy trophy.

Fairy Wear & Age Division Optionals
Optional catagories are Fairywear; dress up in your favorite version of what a fairy is to you! Wings, flowers, and anything goes. There will be a Fairy Wear winner in each age division. For Fair Wear there will be upbeat music played and you may dance or model your outfit, so have fun! Age division optionals will be Prettiest Smile, Hair, Attire, and Best Personality. There will be a winner for each in each age division. 

Sponsorship Tickets
Selling sponsorship tickets are a fun way to pay for your entry fees and win great awards while raising money for Atlanta’s Children’s Hospital. Ask your friends, family, and local businesses to buy a Raffle ticket for $5.00 per ticket. Every contestant collecting $300.00 in raffle money will be crowned as a Benefit Queen, receive their entry fee paid into all events, a beautiful crown, 4ft custom Fairy trophy & a special gift on stage. 100% of your ticket sales go towards your entry fee. You may win a Benefit Princess award and still be eligible for your age division Beauty title. Tickets must be turned in no later than May 24, 2020 to qualify for awards. You may continue to sale tickets and can turn in remaining money and tickets the day of the pageant. The contestant that sales the most tickets will receive a Huge crown, 6ft Fairy trophy, and gifts. 
Tickets will be placed in raffle for beautiful gifts donated.
You may print tickets at www.crowntownga.com  

Door Admission
One parent free with contestant. Adults- $5.00, Children $3.00.

Entry Form

  Beauty fee                                                                                                                                     $60.00_____
   FairyWear                                                                                                                                    $20.00______
Age division Optionals                                                                                                                      $20.00_______
Sibling discount Name of sibling___________________                                                             - $20.00______
                                                                                                             Competing in all events $100.00_______
                                                                                                     Sibling competing in all events $80.00_______
                                                                              Raffle tickets sold____________ Total enclosed $ __________

Please Print

 Child’s Name______________________________________________ Age_________

 DOB____________________ M/F____  


City___________________________ State______ Zip Code__________________

Phone#___________________________ Email__________________________

Hair color________________________ Eyes________________

Parent’s name/s__________________________________________

Three words that best describe me_______________, __________________, ________________

My favorite things to do are: __________________________________________________________



My Fairy wish would be: ______________________________________________________

Sponsored By________________________________________________

  I hereby certify that Crowntown Pageants, staff, and facility where pageant or event is being held, or anyone associated with this pageant are not responsible for accidents, injury, or theft incurred before, during, or after the pageant and therefore release any liability to said parties. Judges decisions are final. Poor sportsmanship will result in disqualification of contestant and prizes (this includes contestant and family members). The director reserves the right to cancel pageant due to lack of participation with full refund. I understand no refund will be given if contestant fails to show or is disqualified because of misconduct by contestant or family member. Deposits of any kind are non- refundable.  
Parent Signature___________________________________________Date__________

Contestant Signature (if 18 or over)_________________________________  

 Mail Entries and or sponsorship tickets with check or money order to:
 PO Box 742, Sunnyside, GA 30284

Questions please call Monica @ 770-229-2249 
To enter online or print entry form please visit www.crowntownga.com  
 Please make all checks and money orders out to: Crowntown or 
paypal to Beautifulfacesofga@yahoo.com or cashapp to $mad4matt

June 7th, Stockbridge, GA